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Mr. Ryan Kriebel » How To Enroll In Instrumental Music

How To Enroll In Instrumental Music

What It Involves


The Red Lion Area School District offers music lessons in band instruments (brass, woodwind, and percussion) and orchestra instruments (violin, viola, cello, bass). Students can benefit in many ways by actively participating in the school's band and orchestra programs.


Students receive group lessons on the instrument of their choosing. We teach them how to read music and play the instrument. No prior experience in music is necessary! Lessons are 25-30 minutes long, and are "pull-out" in nature. This means students will leave their class to attend. When possible, lessons times vary from week to week so that students will not miss the same subject every cycle. Students must be responsible for knowing what time their lesson is scheduled and must be responsible for making up any work they may miss during the 25-30 minutes they are out of class.


During the first year, one dress rehearsal and one concert are our only two after school commitments. In the second and third year there are more performance opportunities. These experiences during elementary band and orchestra provide the foundation the students will need to participate in the 8th-12th grade programs.


Parents are responsible for acquiring instruments for lessons. People will often rent-to-own from Menchey Music, or another reputable music vendor. Do you want your child to participate, but you cannot cover the cost? Please contact us, and we might be able to help! We believe music is for everyone, so we do what we can to make it happen.


How to Enroll


1. With your child, start to think about what instrument he or she might like to learn.


To help with this decision:

    • Students will attend an assembly where high school students demonstrate instruments. This was the day they received the flyer.
    • Families can view the samples in our Video Samples page (click here) and search on Youtube for more examples.
    • We hold an "Instrument Petting Zoo." (see #3) 


2. Complete the online interest form(click here), or return the paper copy that was sent home. This only indicates your interest, and is not a commitment to enroll.


3. Your child will participate in the "Instrument Petting Zoo." A pink feedback form will be sent home.


The purpose of the petting zoo is:

    • To give students a chance to have a hands on experience with the instruments.
    • Music teachers help students with how to hold and blow into each instrument.
    • To help students and parents make a more educated decision about what instrument they want to learn.
    • To help students get paired with an instrument that best suits them for a positive experience.

4. Take a look at the feedback that is sent home from sampling. Make a decision about what instrument your child wants to learn. You can pre-select ahead of the enrollment meeting by clicking here. 


5.  Attend the Enrollment Meeting on Wednesday, September 11th. This meeting takes place at the Red Lion Area high school auditorium. We have two options for you, one at 6pm, or one at 7:30pm.


At this meeting we will: 

    • Officially register students in lessons.
    • Give an overview of the band and orchestra program.
    • Discuss ways families can acquire instruments for lessons.
    • Have Menchey Music in attendance to discuss their rental program.


You will also be able to:

    • Reserve a rent-to-own instrument from Menchey Music.(credit cards accepted)
    • Show us an instrument you already own. We can look over it and let you know if repairs are needed.
    • Did you find an instrument online? We can tell you if it is suitable for a beginner before you order it.
    • Purchase the required lesson book and a music stand. (no credit cards, cash or check only)



After the meeting, we compile our lists of new students and make our schedules. We post them online as soon as possible.


What Materials Will Be Needed


Students will need the instrument, the lesson book(s), and a sheet music stand. Some instruments need valve oil,extra reeds, or special cleaning accessories. Rent-to-own instruments should come with most of what is needed. The sheet music stand, however, is always sold separately. The stand is for home use, and will not be taken to school.


See below:



Instrument Lesson Book Other Accessories
Home-Helper: Flute
Tradition of Excellence, Book 1
Cleaning rod and cleaning cloth, sheet music stand
Oboe Tradition of Excellence, Book 1 Extra reed, cleaning swab, sheet music stand
Clarinet Tradition of Excellence, Book 1 Extra reeds, cleaning swab, sheet music stand
Alto Saxophone Tradition of Excellence, Book 1 Extra reeds, cleaning swab, neck strap, sheet music stand
Trumpet Tradition of Excellence, Book 1 Valve oil, sheet music stand
French Horn Tradition of Excellence, Book 1 Rotary oil, sheet music stand
Trombone Tradition of Excellence, Book 1 Slide cream, small spray bottle, sheet music stand
Euphonium Tradition of Excellence, Book 1 Valve oil, sheet music stand
Tuba Tradition of Excellence, Book 1 Valve oil, sheet music stand
Mallet Percussion Tradition of Excellence, Book 1 sheet music stand
Battery Percussion The Performing Percussionist, Book 1 sheet music stand
Violin and Viola Strings Basics, Book 1 Rosin, Sponge Shoulder Rest, Cleaning Cloth, sheet music stand
Cello Strings Basics, Book 1 Rosin, Rock Stop, Cleaning Cloth, sheet music stand
String Bass Strings Basics, Book 1 Rosin, Rock Stop, Cleaning Cloth



Remember, online pre-selection here.



Check out Youtube video samples of different instruments here.



Let us know your final instrument choice at, or by returning the pink form to the meeting on September 12th.


In order to officially sign-up, you must attend Enrollment Meeting on September 12th in the Red Lion High School Auditorium. If for some reason you can't attend but would like to enroll your child, be sure to contact us. 




Please let us know if you have any questions about this information. You can email Chad Keiser, Ryan Kriebel, Alex or Kim Farmer with any questions you might have.