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Welcome to First Grade!

1st Grade Newsletter (11/20 - 12/1)
We will combine the two days this week and the four days next week to cover our spelling lessons.  The -ce words will be introduced this week and the -ge words after thanksgiving break.  We will take the spelling test for both skills on the Friday after Thanksgiving Break.  Here are the words for the next test: ice, face, space, age, huge, stage. 
In math we will continue adding and subtracting large numbers by using base 10 blocks to represent the numbers.  We will continue to talk about Thanksgiving this week as we prepare for the holiday.
Please note that we will have school only on Monday and Tuesday this week before taking out Thanksgiving Break.  School will resume on Tuesday, November 28th. 
Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! 
We had great conversations during conferences and I am very thankful to have wonderful families to partner with this year!  We will take next week to talk about all the things that we are thankful for.  We will also touch briefly on American history and the symbols that represent America.  
In spelling, we will add the long u sound and review all the long vowel sounds. Here are the words for our spelling test: use, cute, tube, blade, shine, phone. 
For math, we will begin talking about adding bigger numbers together.  Please continue to work on basic math facts at home. Flash cards from Target or the Dollar Store can be a great resource for students to add and subtract quickly. 
Finally, Thursday, November 16th will be a school spirit day.  The theme is Thankful Thursday.  
Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 
Welcome to November!
When we return from conferences on Wednesday, we will have a brief conversation about elections and voting.  We will use the rest of the week to talk about gratitude as we think about Thanksgiving. 
In phonics, we will review the long vowel sounds we have already learned and add long e words to our routine this week.  I know it is a short week but we will still have a spelling test on Friday. Here are the spelling words for this week: theme, eve, these, stone, fine, blame.
I am also hoping to give a math test on Friday to cover numbers to 20. 
Looking forward to seeing you at conferences! 
- Mrs. Kim-Myers
Our students had so much fun at our fall party!  Thank you to the volunteers and the donations for our class! We will continue the fall theme as we talk about pumpkins next week.  We will use our senses to describe them in detail in addition to learning about the life cycle of a pumpkin. 
We will continue to work with words that have the long vowel sounds with the silent e at the end. Here are the spelling words for next week: like, bite, time, home, rope, vote. 
Please note that November 2nd will be a Spirit Day - Wear flannel. 
Thank you! 
We loved learning about bats this week!  Students went from feeling scared to thinking that they are not so bad after all. We will continue the spooky animal theme by talking about spiders next week.  We hope to talk about their anatomy, diet, habitats, and break some myths surrounding spiders.
In writing, we will be finishing up our unit on basic foundations.  I hope to do a writing assessment next Friday to see how much we have learned.  The next unit on writing will be focusing on narrative writing. 
For math, students will begin unit 5 focusing on adding numbers within 20.  Any help at home with basic fact practice will help students get more comfortable with the different strategies in the classroom. 
Here are the spelling words for next week: thrill, string, shrink, name, made, and late
Conferences will be held on 11/6, 11/7, and 11/9.  The appointments are 15 minutes long. I am available to meet with you in person at the school or online through Google Meet.  Please use this link to choose a date and time that works best for you.
Next week is Red Ribbon Week in addition to our fall party next Friday! I am so thankful for the families that will be volunteering and providing donations!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 
We will take time this week to work on some informational reading and writing skills. Students will explore bats this week and continue with spiders next week. 
For spelling, please note that there will be a spelling test on Monday for the skills learned last week.  For this week, we will work on words ending with nk.  Our spelling words for this Friday are: ink, bank, think, sunk, dunk, and tank. 
Our Halloween/Fall party will be on Friday, October 27th.  If you are able, please use this link to volunteer or donate items to the class. 
Finally, Thursday, October 19th will be a school spirit day.  Students are encouraged to wear silly socks.  
We will continue reading different stories next week to to talk about different reading strategies.  I also wanted to let you know that I will start grading class work to determine report card grades.  Please note that anything with a grade (number of correct items/number of possible points) will be used to determine proficiency for each marking period. Any work with a star at the top is to show I have looked over the work and if there are no markings on the paper, the work was done independently and sent home. 
We took our first math test on Friday and I was able to grade them over lunch. Tests were send home so that you can review their results. We will begin talking about basic subtraction this week.  We will work on subtraction for a couple weeks before taking another test. 
Since this week is a 4-day week. Our spelling test will be on Monday, October 16th. We will study words with ph, wh, and ng sounds. Here are the spelling words for the week:  when, whiz, graph, ring, hang, thing.
I also wanted to let you know that multiple students have started to purchase a bag of chips for $0.50 at the cafeteria. Please talk to your child about your expectations on extra purchases.  All students will be allowed to purchase extra food unless I hear from you.  
Finally, the first grade team is looking to schedule a class halloween party for our first grade students.  We are in the planning stages and will be looking for 3 parent volunteers to lead small group activities. If you are interested in volunteering, I wanted to give you some time to submit your clearances to the front office.  Please contact Mrs. Ritz at the front office if you need more information about becoming a volunteer. 
Please note that there in no school on Monday but we will have our book exchange on Tuesday.
Than you! 
Mrs. Kim-Myers
We had so much fun learning about apples and the stories about Johnny Appleseed. We will take next week to read some fun stories that focus on reading skills. Strategies like predicting, identifying character traits, and understanding the sequence of the story will help students become better readers! 

Here are the spelling words for next week: chin, chat, such, than, flash, cloth

We will also take a math test next week on basic addition. Students have gotten much more comfortable adding single digit numbers.  If you have time, please work on simple addition facts at home so that they are more automatic in the classroom. 

Please note that we have library on Monday.  Please have your child return their library book so that they may borrow a new one. 

Thank you! 
We had 2 great assemblies this week to help us get connected to our community! A representative from the York County Libraries came to talk about the GOAL program! We also had Mario the Magician come and teach us about science, technology, and doing what you love!   
Students will take time next week to learn about Johnny Appleseed.  We will incorporate some science into this topic by exploring the life cycle of an apple and experimenting with apple slices! 
Here are the spelling words for this week:  this, that, then, with, math, thick
We will also formally start ROAR this week.  Students will meet with different teachers in small groups to get reading instruction at their level. Here is a message from our Intervention Specialist: 

Dear Families,

Locust Grove students will be participating in a daily intervention period called ROAR. This 30-minute block of time is designed to meet the specific reading needs of each child based on data collected using Acadience Benchmark Assessments. Throughout the year, levels of support will vary based on data and student need. More information will be provided regarding your child’s ROAR group/assignment at our November parent-teacher conferences. In the meantime, please reach out if you have any specific questions or concerns regarding ROAR. 


Thank you for another great week! 


- Mrs. Kim-Myers

Students were excited to have their science lessons this week about the human body!  We will continue this topic for another week as we talk about the heart and the brain.  
Many of the families have asked what they can do at home to help! Please read with your child.  The stories that come home every other day are considered on-level text.  Students can read those stories to families at home to get extra practice reading. Students can also practice their spelling words to prepare for their test on Friday. 
Here are the words for this week:  Pick, Neck, Stick, Ship, Wish, & Brush
The spelling test from last Friday will be returned to you on Monday. Since this this was our first test, scores will not be recorded.
Please note the 2 hour delay on Monday. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 
Thank you! 
Mrs. Kim-Myers
Dear Families, 
We had another great week learning about ourselves and our friends.  We will take this topic and incorporate some science lessons to talk about the human body.  We will continue to work on our reading and basic math skills.  As we are  establishing our routine, we will have our first spelling test this Friday.  We will start with 5 words and 1 dictated sentence.  The following week (and the weeks after that) our test will be 10 words and 2 dictated sentences.  To prepare, spelling words will be provided to review at home but the dictated sentences will not be provided. All of the spelling patterns and sight words will be practiced in the classroom. 
Here are the words for next week: all, roll, pull, no, & so
Also, our first spirit day is on Monday, Sept. 11th!  The theme is Patriot Day and students are encouraged to wear red, white, and blue. Please use the information on the right for additional upcoming events. 
Finally, I am sorry to share that I am unable to accept any snack donations for our class.  I have had amazing families reaching out and want to thank you for being so thoughtful! Please continue to send a snack for your child. 
Thank you! 
Mrs. Kim-Myers
Our first graders are doing a great job getting used to the full days at school! We spent the last week talking about PRIDE expectations (Personable, Respectful, Integrity, Dependable, and Engaged). We will also have an assembly this Friday to go over these expectations as a school. We have also started our beginning of the year assessments! Students did a great job working with the school staff to show what they know!
We will continue to have snack time but I wanted to share with you that I am unable to accept any donations for the classroom. Please make sure to send a snack for your child as snack time will be provided for those that bring one to class. 
Thank you! 
Mrs. Kim-Myers
We had a wonderful first week together and I'm so excited to see our students return next week! We will continue to establish routine as we work on our daily routines and talk about our P.R.I.D.E. expectations at school.
Here are some reminders: 
- Please make sure to turn in the Student Handbook Form and the Discipline Procedures Form that were sent home at Meet the Teacher Night or on the first day of school. If I am missing one from you, another one was sent home to complete and return.  
- If your child has completed a summer reading calendar, please have your child turn in the form by Tuesday, August 25th. If you participated in York County Library's Summer Reading Challenge, please email or message me so that your child can be recognized. 
- Please continue to send a snack to school with your child everyday.  
Thank you! 
Mrs. Kim-Myers
Welcome to the first week of first grade! We will take time to get to know each other and our classroom expectations.  Returning to school after a long summer break will be an adjustment. We will take it easy and establish a good routine so that we can have a successful school year. 
Please note that students will be dismissed early on the first two days of school (12:40).  The two days are considered asynchronous learning days. On these days, we will start an activity in the classroom but students will be asked to finish the activity at home. For the rest of the week (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday), students should read at home and work on their basic math facts as homework.
Our first full day of school will be on Wednesday, August 23rd.  Beginning on Wednesday, students will have time to enjoy a snack (if they have one). If you are able, individually packaged snacks would be appreciated for those students that do have a snack.  Students are also encouraged to bring water bottles to keep in the classroom. 
Thank you again for participating in Meet the Teacher Night.  You can click here for the link to the slideshow. 
Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 
Mrs. Kim-Myers
HELLO! My name is Bomi Kim-Myers and I am excited to be your child's teacher this year! This is my 11th year as a classroom teacher and I am grateful to be at Locust Grove Elementary School. My husband and I live in East York with our daughter, Morgan.  We love living here with the rich history and culture. My passion and goal every year is to try to make learning as fun and enjoyable for every child in the classroom. 
I grew up in San Jose, California and received my Bachelor of Science in Human Development from University of California at Davis and my Elementary Teaching Certificate from San Jose State University. In 2007, I received my Masters degree in Classroom Technology from Wilkes University. Before coming to Locust Grove, I taught 2nd grade at York Academy, English in South Korea, and also worked at a Montessori Preschool near Jacobus, PA.  
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