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Continuous Learning - Band Lessons

If you have an iPad or a computer that runs Google Chrome, please follow the instructions to register for SmartMusic. Click here to get instruction on registering, and click above for video tutorials on how to use the program.
I would like students to complete 6 assignments each by each due date. It can by ANY six assignments, regardless of the due date in SmartMusic. They can also be turned in at any time. 
By April 24th, 6 assignments total
By May 8th, 12 assignments total
By May 22nd, 18 assignments total
 Another way to look at this is 3 assignments per week. Do not worry about the due date in SmartMusic, any assignment can be turned in at any time, and nothing will be marked late.
Assignments will be posted to SmartMusic, and I will be able to assign personalized material. If you are UNABLE to use SmartMusic, use the links below to access the material. 
Assignment Groups  to discover which link to use below.
Assignments are due:Friday April 24th, Friday May 8th, Friday, May 22nd. YES, you may turn in assignments early!
Mr. Rosenkrans will have office hours M-F from 10am - 11am, and 1pm-2pm.
Call him or text him at (717) 850-3755.
Mr. Kriebel will have office hours M-F from 10am-11am, and 1pm-2pm.
Call him or text him at (860) 469-2263.
You can download the Google Meet app on a smartphone, or use a computer. The Chrome web browser is recommended.
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