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Mr. Kriebel's Current Students

Welcome parents and students! 
First thing first: YES! I am teaching lessons for band instruments this year. Lessons are available for any student, regardless of if they are brick and mortar, hybrid, or remote learning. Please read over the information here carefully.
  • Below you will find the Re-enrollment/Discontinuation form. Please fill this out to indication your intentions for this year. Something for parents and students to consider: By necessity, this school year is anything but normal. Students will be in their classroom, essentially, all day long. Band lessons, however, will give them an extra opportunity to get out for a change of pace. This is something to consider before deciding to discontinue band lessons, especially if a student is on the fence.
  • Brick and mortar students will have a lesson each week with special safety measures in place. Read about those below. Hybrid students will be following exactly the same curriculum as brick and mortar students. Whether in school or at home, all students will be accessing their lesson the same way. If a student is learning at home on the day of their lesson, they will be responsible for handing in the lesson assignment that day.
  • I will be using Google Classroom and Smartmusic to manage the curriculum. Students who are remote learning will be required to participate in 1 virtual live lesson on Google Meet per cycle. This will be scheduled in advance, and students will be able to leaving their remote lesson for these instrument lessons. I will communicate the schedule with remote teachers, and they are aware that some students will be leaving for band and orchestra lessons. I expect that these lessons will be between 10 and 15 minutes long. 
Covid-19 Considerations
In order to safely learn an instrument in the current environment, we will be making significant accommodations. Our priority as educators has always been the safety and well being of our students and their families as well as our own families. In that spirit, we are implementing the following guidelines:
  • Class sizes will be small enough for students to maintain a strict physical distance of 6 feet (social distancing).
  • Classes will be taught in a full size classroom to allow for maximum spacing between students.
  • There will be no sharing of materials between students. This includes any item pertaining to instruments but also regular classroom items such as pencils.
  • If a situation arrives where the teacher needs to do a hands-on demonstration or adjustment and must touch a student's instrument, the teacher will sanitize his/her hands and wear a fresh pair of gloves before doing so.
  • Teachers will wear face masks at all times and maintain a safe physical distance from students as much as possible.
Beginner instrumental lessons must be taught face-to-face due to the complexity and the tactile nature of what we are learning. Students who are not coming into school for any in-person learning will not be able to enroll. Hybrid-Brick and Mortar students are able to enroll, but should come into school the day of their lesson, even if they are not in school for the whole day. Remote or RL Cyber students will not be able to enroll UNLESS they have been taking weekly private lessons for a period of six months. 
This is not the only opportunity to enroll in music lessons. We are all optimistic that at a certain point, normalcy will return. At that time, we will open up enrollment again, whether that be the middle of this school year or the beginning of the next. Parents who are not comfortable enrolling their children in lessons now are encouraged to do so in the future. We will be here eagerly waiting to teach!
I have added students to a Google Classroom for band lessons. This will arrive in their email address. Please have them accept this invitation (unless you have decided to discontinue).
I will be having students enroll in SmartMusic classes at their first lesson. There will be no charge for SmartMusic because the subscriptions are paid by the district.
Schedules have not been made yet as far as the time of each lesson; however I can give you the cycle day.
  • NHW on Day 1
  • MG on Day 2
  • CV on Day 3
  • Remote Learners on Day 4
  • LG on Day 5
  • PV on Day 6